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To make a payment~ Call our office during working hours M-F 9-4 509 982-2181 or Login to make a credit/debit card payment. You will need your Customer Username and Password. That can be found on your information page left with you at time of installation. If you do not have that you can call us or email us to send you a new one.


To check your usage~ Click the usage link and put your IP number in the search box. Your IP number is listed on your Customer info page we leave with you at time of installation. Or you can go to and it will tell you. If you do not have your info page email or call us and we can send you one. The usage cycle starts over on the 26th of each month. Movies/video/back ups/large pictures/large uploads and downloads/viruses etc. can cause heavy use. There is a $5.00/gig fee over your monthly plan. You can email or call us to bump up to the next level at any time. You can also log into your customer account with your Portal User Name and Password (on your customer info page) and update your settings or look at your usage by clicking the service plan.

If you need help programming a router~ Call 509 982-2181 M-F 9-4. We recommend Cisco Linksys. You can purchase one at any computer/office product store or call us and we can program and ship you one ready to go. Call for price and more information.

If your internet is not working~ Please shut down your computer and unplug your internet equipment (radio adapter and/or router) make sure you unplug the power cord to each device and check the other cables to make sure they are in tight and don't have any damage. Keep unplugged for 30 seconds or so then restart and check (routers take about 60 seconds to boot back up). Call us for more help if this does not work.

If your internet is working but you cannot send email~ Go into your email client and find your properties make sure your outgoing server settings has a check mark in the box that says my outgoing server requires authentication. Make sure your username is your entire email address (some programs default the first part and leave the domain out). If your unable to get your email working you can get your mail from our website click Email Login and see your email from any computer anywhere by logging into your email account right on the server. Call us for more help if needed.


To check your email account~,, or any domain that you have through us you can go to Email Login/Webmail and put in your email account name and password. If you do not know your password it is on your information page at time of sign up or you can give us a call during working hours.


To add email to your device~ Select add account, select other (might need to click advanced first) the setting information is on your information page at time of service but if you do not have that please call us or email us for that infomation. The basic information is select the IMAP Account, Account Name can be your name or whatever you want to use. Enter your Username and Password. Username is your ENTIRE email address. Incoming mail server setting is Click SSL and password authenticate. Outgoing mail server setting is Select SSL and password authenticate.


Spam/Scam Emails and Pop Ups Do not reply to any email that you do not recognize. Scammers will make emails and pop ups look like they are from a legit company please call us if you are unsure and do not open attachments or links and put in passwords or give out any personal information. If you get a phone call from someone or a company that is not your current provider it is a scam. Microsoft and Odessa Office Equipment do not send pop ups saying your computer is infected or that you need to change your information or that you have won a prize. These are scams!

Computer repair~ Computer acting up? We can help. For more information click our services page.


For more customer service please call 509 982.2181 M-F 9am - 4pm or email. We will respond to our emails as soon as possible but if you need to get a hold of us right away please call.

Useful information/programs

Spam/Phising Email

To scan your computer use


To check for online threats use


Adobe is a program that allows you to see .pdf files Adobe Acrobat

To avoid pop-ups try using the Google toolbar

help getting rid of a virus you can go to

To protect your computer from viruses try using these programs, Firefox for your browser.

And Thunderbird for your email to help reduce spam in your email.

A free program that checks the internet for updates on your computer

Computer running slow? Keep your computer running like it should.

Cell phone service verses wireless internet:


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